Security systems

Security systems are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike due in part to their wide range and versatile offering. With lots of options available to choose from and each offering several features. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of cost that can determine the route people choose. 

With that said there are several things to consider before making a purchase and getting the system installed. For example, some systems suit residential purposes, whereas others are designed for more intricate security set-ups. 

Regardless of your needs, we at B.E.S Fire & Security can assist, offering you guidance and advice during our initial assessment and support after we have carried out the install.

What you need to consider 

When buying a security system for your home or your business there is a couple of things you need to take into account, as they can greatly impact and influence the system you end up with, they are: 

  1. Your budget
  2. Whether you own any pets
  3. Full premises coverage or perimeter only
  4. Local sounders and remote monitoring

Benefits of a Security System

  • Perimeter systems allow the security system to be armed whilst moving around the property.
  • Deters crime 
  • Protects valuables 
  • Can be armed from multiple entry points 
  • Can help reduce insurance rates 
  • Offers peace of mind
  • Remote monitoring via an Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Support provided on a 24/7 basis

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    What our clients say

    We've worked with Bolton Electrical Services and now B.E.S Fire & Security for a number of years. The team are extremely professional from start to finish and are very respectful of the clients we are designing and building our homes for. We work collaboratively to ensure that we deliver the optimum solution for our clients, giving them peace of mind that their property is fully protected.

    John Swift Homes Cheshire

    Our company works on high end residential developments so it's vital to us that we deliver individual solutions for our individual clients and their bespoke homes. The team are great at designing bespoke systems and installing them in a professional manner, ensuring everything is finished to the highest standard.

    Citadel Project Management Warrington, Cheshire

    We recently had HD Cameras and a Paxton door access system installed by BES Fire & Security. We are extremely happy with the results and the work the team did. They were very hard working and made sure they cleaned up after themselves.

    Fletchers Bakery Sheffield

    We've had an alarm system, CCTV and all our network points installed by BES Fire & Security.

    Thank you - great job.

    Mr Harrison Wigan